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Synonyms for ELUCIDATIVE: exegetical, explanative, explanatory, explicative, explicatory, expositive, expository, illuminative.

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Having grabbed the attention he then used the interview to elucidate the argument. A rapid strep test or a culture of the perianal area may elucidate the diagnosis. Approaching the texts in a suggestive and allusive manner, they draw on their own poetic experience to elucidate the texts. A feeding experiment was established to elucidate the.

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One of the broader objectives of this thesis is to contribute to providing more legal stability and increasing the understanding of interpreters and practitioners of the notion of O&P, as well as guiding and orientating them at the time of interpreting treaties. Accordingly, the proposal aims to fill the literature and information gap by.

verb [ I or T ] formal us / iˈluː.sə.deɪt / uk / iˈluː.sɪ.deɪt / to explain something or make something clear: I don't understand. You'll have to elucidate. The reasons for the change in weather conditions have been elucidated by several scientists. Synonyms clarify (EXPLAIN) explain Opposite obfuscate formal.

Elucidation noun – A statement that makes something clear. Usage example: the candidate issued what were supposed to be elucidations of his earlier statements, but they did little to quell the controversy. Definition is a synonym for elucidation in illustration topic. You can use "Definition" instead a noun "Elucidation"..

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