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Gmc gear ratio from vin number

1k5 : lever, auto trans, low gear lockout 1le : performance package components 1m1 : marking, reflective white, u.s. army 1m3 : marking, reflective white, u.s. navy 1m4 : marking, reflective black, u s . navy 1m5 : marking, reflective yellow.

Here are three ways to find the gear ratio of your truck: The gear ratio is usually listed in the VIN code located on driver’s door, the glove box, or the ID plate on the dashboard. Count the times a rear wheel goes around for one driveshaft turn: if its 3 1/2 it’s a 3.50:1.

How do I decode a GMC VIN number? How to Decode a GMC VIN? 1GT = Manufacturer (GMC United States) R = Platform Code (Sierra 1500) 1 = Platform Series Code. V = Restraint Type. E = Body Style (4-Door Pick-up) C = Engine Type (L83 – VVT, AFM) ... Can you tell gear ratio from VIN?.

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424 Posts. #9 · Oct 24, 2012. If you remove the diff cover and count the teeth on the ring gear and divide it by the number of teeth on the pinion gear that will give you your gear ratio. There is also another way of doing it by counting rotations of the drive shaft and tire but not to sure how to do that and not sure if it works on the front too.


Ring Gear, 8.5″ G89: Ring Gear, 7.5″ G90: Rear: 3.15: G91: Special Highway Rear Axle: 3.08: G94: Axle Rear: 3.31: G96: Axle Rear: 3.55: G97: Axle Rear: 2.73: GH0: Axle Rear: 3.54: GH2: Axle Rear: 2.29: West Coast Differentials Tech Support / Order Hotline: (800)510-0950: Call to Order before 4PM PST and most Parts Ship Out TODAY!.

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